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In this free lesson, you will find extracts from several technical lessons from the full course, covering the beginner part and some of the more advanced techniques from our guest tutors’ DJ sets (step-by-step explanations) 

In this lesson you will find extracts from:

  • Lesson 87: Carl Cox’s Step-by-Step DJ Set extract  
  • Lesson 63: Carl Cox on the RMX1000 drum and FX unit 
  • Lesson 32: Jamie Jones on hot cues 
  • Lesson 28: Carl Cox on FX feed exercise 
  • Lesson 26: Pete Tong on using Filter

Discover The Online DJ Academy

Technical skills explained in a simple and effective way that will bring you measurable results in a short time

The Pete Tong Academy is:
  • Guides & tutoring, anecdotes and interviews
  • Mixing tricks and untold DJ secrets
  • Behind the scenes of the best DJ techniques
  • From basic to pro techniques
    And so much more...
The PTDJA provideS all the knowledge, skills, tips and tricks, anecdotes and detailed technical explanations to learn the ART of DJing in a professional way, with different levels for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED DJs.


Start with this module if you don't know anything about DJing, or if you only know the basics but are still to able beat-match.


Get into the full course, even if you have already mastered beat-matching, but you still want to learn all the secrets, tricks and most importantly, all the advanced techniques from our teachers, and go straight into the TALENT POOL

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